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    * Build Skills & Confidence
    * Prepare for Group Classes or Lessons
    * Prepare for Auditions for Film or TV
    * Step by Step Assessment of Scene & Character
    * On Camera & Self Assessment Sessions
    * Movement, Voice & Technical Training
    * Proper Conduct on Set and in Auditions
    * Transfer Skills & Knowledge to Everyday Llife
    * Create a Plan & Discipline for Daily Lliving

What is Acting?
Success in the "Real" World

Acting is a "state of mind." An actor learns to assume and practice maintaining a mental attitude where they pretend and make believe. They assume and possess another person’s life situations:

• Problems and Conflicts
• Successes and Failures
• Hopes and Dreams
• Happiness and Tragedies

The actor learns to create a "state of mind" where they allow their thoughts, physical body and emotional impulses to act out imaginary and scripted realities, in such a manner that an audience will suspended its disbelief and empathize with them in each situation. The deeper the “state of mind” the better the performance.

Achieving the “state of mind” is the first step in mastering the craft of acting. Once you have harnessed that power then you must learn to integrate it into a space and circumstance in a controlled manner. (To be “present” in the moment but “grounded” in your character.)

Just as an athlete must work out each day, the actor needs to exercise their minds and bodies in order to develop control over their actions. The process is fun and when you achieve in gaining the acting knowledge you keep it forever. Just like riding a bike, once you learn it you will never lose it.

If you don’t learn the correct basics of acting principals you’ll be like ship without a rudder wondering in the vast ocean of directors and acting teachers. When you get your first job, everybody will tell you how to act from the lighting guy to the producer’s assistant.

“State of Mind” = Make Believe
Learn to project your talent

Children are naturals at playing make believe. They do it subconsciously every day, and without any formal training. If you tell a child they are a bus driver or construction worker they immediately become that person. They don’t question the situation with unnecessary details like where is the bus going or what am I building… they just dive right in and start driving or hammering without being told what to do and with little doubt and great concentration and belief. When you can harness that innocence and play as a child you will learn attain a deeper “state of mind”

Create space in our heads and other people’s minds that puts us in the zone.
Recognize when you are doing the right thing, in the right place, and at the right time.
Learn how to avoid being caught doing the wrong things in the wrong place and at the wrong time.

Understand and believe in yourself. Have confidence that you have what it takes.
Become the character - Even if you don’t have a law degree or haven’t had a child, you can use your own experiences to believably portray a parent or argue a case in court.

Projecting your talent is an art that requires practice and training. With simple steps you can transform into a new reality and become a person different from yourself, but based upon your own inner strengths and experiences.
Learn to command your audience and project your talent. Your talent enters the room or stage before you do… when you step in; people already feel who you are. Your energy and talent lead the way.

What I can do for you

I'm an award winning director and producer with over 20 years experience in film, television and stage productions. I have taught at leading schools in Hollywood, Vancouver and Dubai. When in UAE I was responsible for founding Women in Film and worked to assist in developing and nurturing the entertainment industry in the Middle East.
I can guide you in a process to obtain these basic mental skills. I can help you achieve an "acting state of mind." When you know how and what to focus your mind on, fear just becomes part of the job. If you really want an acting career or if you just want to experiment to see if you can do it and love it, I can equip you with the essential tools.

Flexible times that fit with your busy schedule.

Activities & Exercises

  • improvisation
  • movement
  • voice
  • stage combat
  • audition technique
  • cold reading
  • on camera review sessions
  • scene study
  • character analysis
  • more...
Build skills that help in all areas of your daily life: 

• Assess others and read body language.
• Convince others and win approval
• Deal with stress and uncomfortable situations
• Move with grace and confidence
• Control your voice and speak clearly

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